Monday, November 28, 2011

Using rich foreigners to prop up housing costs

It boggles the mind how much power the "real estate industry" has over media and government. Congress is considering passing a law that would attempt to drive up housing prices by luring foreign purchasers into the market! (see:

The one-sidedness of the news articles on real estate topics is disturbing. The publicity given the so-called real estate crisis is the biggest example of this media bias. In reality, of course, a decrease in housing costs is anything but a "crisis", it is a blessing for the people and the economy!

The only ones who benefit from high land prices are members of the original Rentier class, the economic parasites known as land owners, as well as all of their parasitic cronies, including especially the used-house salesmen (who euphemistically refer to themselves as real estate agents).

Low land prices, and fewer restrictions on land use, are the basic planks of a sensible land policy that benefits society as a whole.

The Reformed Capitalist policy regarding land is three-fold:

-- eliminate financing of land purchases,
-- eliminate absentee ownership of land, and
-- eliminate arbitrary land-use restrictions (especially separating commercial and residential activities)

The end-goal of these policies is to create greater prosperity and freedom for all, by eliminating the economic parasitism surrounding land ownership and control.

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