Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Salon calls for Jubilee Year

The first element in Salon's proposed policy agenda (called a New Declaration of Independence, here is a Jubilee Year of debt forgiveness, especially focused on student loan debt. Couldn't agree more.

The biggest problem with Salon's proposal is the way it gets sidetracked with a Leftist cultural agenda, especially its calls for "Takle Climate Change", "End the Drug War" and "Full Equality for the Queer Community".

In order for massive and structural systemic change to progress, a broad-base coalition will need to be built, based on the principles of economic Populism. Populists can form a majority coalition against the elite, IF they leave "cultural" issues off the table.

Throwing in "Leftist" cultural issues that have nothing to do with economic reform are only going to ALIENATE conservative Populists, and keep the movement from growing.

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