Monday, May 24, 2010

Necessary Regulations, Now and Forever

Here is a great summary of financial regular we need, What we are getting, of course, is just about the opposite. Great article overall, read it all by following the link.

If Congress really wanted reform, they would
--reinstate Glass-Steagall,
--regulate the OTC derivatives market,
--thoroughly audit and terminate the Fed while transferring its powers to the Treasury Department,
--terminate and disband the PPT,
--implement the "Volcker rule" against proprietary trading by banks,
--require that the FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) enforce mark to market rules for financial reporting,
--stop all black box front-running trading activities,
--fire and investigate for fraud and obstruction of justice virtually all of the regulatory heads who fiddled and watched porn while Rome burned,
--expand the funding and manpower available to all regulatory authorities,
--encourage the state regulatory agencies to intervene wherever and whenever they desire,
--insist on thorough policing of the system with full accountability for regulatory failure,
--thoroughly investigate and punish all past financial crimes, with plenty of jail time and humongous fines to be doled out to provide a deterrent against future criminality.
--And most of all, require full accountability for losses without so much as another dime going to bail out financial criminal fraudsters.

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