Friday, May 7, 2010

Gold, the Dollar, and the Hidden Inflation Right Before Your Eyes

So, gold popped above USD1200 today, the first time in quite awhile. The last time it did so, it was seesawing with a falling dollar, sliding to 77 at that time.

Today, amazingly, dollar is holding strong, rising in the 84 range, and gold is rising anyway.

Basically, we are witnessing the drop of all currencies together, relative to gold, in other words, worldwide inflation.

The USD/FRN is rising relative to the crashing Euro, but it is still falling in an absolute sense.

Inflation is all around us. On the radio just two days ago I heard how airfare is over 30% higher than a year ago. Some for the price of gold, and the price of gas. If obvious measures like gold, gas, and airfare are up over 30-40% in one year, how do they expect us to believe inflation is flat. And the price of food such as bread lately? Good lord.

As I have endeavored to show in articles on this blog, economics is really common sense, and you should never be afraid to believe your own eyes.

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