Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Campaign to Cancel the National Debt

Join the Campaign to Cancel the Washington National Debt

We hereby resolve that most of the national debt is not a legitimate debt of the American people nor the future generations who would otherwise find their prosperity and financial security sacrificed for the profit of a few corrupt global financial elites and the politicians they own and control.

Thankfully, our Patriot Founding Fathers provided Article Five of the United States Constitution for a future time of congressional, judicial and presidential tyranny which provides for an option to assemble a national Convention to propose amendments to the United States Constitution as an alternative to the process of securing two-thirds approval in both houses of Congress.

We must work to pass "The Washington National Debt Constitutional Amendment" and repudiate much of the Washington government debt before it bankrupts every private American citizen. We fear the massive increase in the level of indebtedness due to the meltdown and depression will first bring down the Treasury market followed by the US dollar and this will destroy the American economy for years to come.

Washington’s illegitimate national debt is growing exponentially due to the bailouts as Congress tries to jumpstart a depression threatened economy but the added debt load will soon bankrupt our nation and impoverish every productive, working American.

To stop the economic tidal wave that will destroy the financial security and wealth of every American along with their savings, real estate, retirement plans, investments and their promised Social Security and Medicare benefits we have established "The Washington National Debt Constitutional Amendment Campaign" to cancel much of Washington’s debt before it is too late.
The Campaign will bypass a corrupt Congress and the leadership of both political parties often controlled by special interests at the national level and seek a debt solution through the constitutional amendment process starting at the state level which will repudiate any Treasury debt issued or rolled over after the deadline of 12/22/2013, exactly 100 years after the establishment of the Federal Reserve System.

The proposed constitutional amendment will first call upon the state legislatures to ratify an amendment repealing Section 4 of the 14th Amendment which outlawed even questioning the validity of the national debt; "The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law….shall not be questioned", followed by language to further prohibit future indebtedness and deficit spending by the federal government and repudiate all federal government debt (except for obligations for Social Security Trust Funds) and debt and interest service obligations accrued after the 12/22/2013 deadline regardless of when the amendment is ratified by 2/3 of the states.

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