Sunday, March 15, 2009

Alternative Money Systems and Barter

Found a few nice resources online providing a discussion of a number of different potential monetary systems and barter networks.

I do not think a system that declares all labor to be equal is workable. Nor, frankly, do I think a fully-backed money system would work. Raw barter is especially cumbersome and must be made more efficient.

I think a real bill system with cash redemption backing, combined with a barter network, is the best alternative system. But these systems provide a nice ground for brainstorming:

The current barter exchange groups are really not suitable for mass consumption, as they are limited to a select group of businesses, and are run on a for-profit basis.

A real bills clearinghouse and barter network for the masses needs to be super cheap, as close to transparent as possible, and open to all.

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