Friday, November 19, 2010

China demonstrating use of key method in modern Jubilee - raising reserve requirements

The modern Jubilee method is for the government to pay off all debts using electronic checks. Inflation due to oversupply of money would be prevented by raising banking reserve requirements. Thus, all debts would be cancelled, without violating any contracts or causing inflation.

This week, China is demonstrating the technique of raising the reserve requirements to stem inflation. Most Americans are not familiar with this technique, because the Fed uses open market operations and interest rate adjustments to attempt to manipuate the money supply. These Fed methods are indirect methods, and used mainly because they involve huge financial transactions which enrich the Federal Reserve member banks who conduct those operations.

The Chinese method is direct, and doesn't enrich anyone. The Chinese government is not controlled by the bankers, but rather, the government controls the bankers, so they use the superior method for controlling inflation, not the superior method for enriching the bankers.


Mrs. Bob said...

Please write some more blog posts!

Justin said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Mrs Bob. I must admit, I have been letting this blog languish as of late.