Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Off-shoring Jobs is Official Federal Policy

It is really almost beyond belief. But, nonetheless true. Even in the midsts of a horrible economic depression, it is still the official U.S. governmental policy to reward companies for off-shoring jobs.

Not just be neutral about it. But to REWARD them.

"...a bill that would have ended certain tax credits and deferrals to companies expanding or moving overseas was voted down in the Senate last week." (from the LA Times, here, the very last sentence in the article)

This is the danger of handing government over to the money powers. The money powers then use government to advance their own interests, over those of the people.

It also speaks to the dangers of the handing the voice of the media over to the money powers. They will not bring these issues up to the public consciousness, and will, in fact, suppress any discussion of them.

Read the whole Times article. The pace of off-shoring, even in the midst of this depression, continues to increase. It is an economic truism that without a job, you have nothing to trade; i.e., productive jobs are the foundation of economic activity.

Thus, on the immediate horizon: long stagflation, meaning rising inflation along with shrinking wages and fewer jobs. In other words, we continue to get poorer and poorer.

And this is the official governmental policy.

That is all.


Michael Sky said...

Hi Justin,

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Justin said...

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Let me check out your work and get back to you. Sounds fun.

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