Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why are We Facing a Jobless Recovery?

Most people view the economy in a primitive fashion, like a force of nature out of their control, as our ancestors viewed the fertility of the land. Unfortunately, this primitive conception of the economy is false in today's world. The industrial economy is a product of policy. Economic problems today require an informed political response, not just a "gee, sure hope it get's better next year" attitude.

For example, today we are being told that we face a jobless recovery, and we should expect to wait 5-10 years for unemployment to drop down to natural levels. But we are never told WHY this is so, why this recovery is so much worse than others.

Such obfuscation is not surprising, as the reason involves a deliberate exploitation of the masses by the parasitic financial elite. In plain terms, our governmental policy is to sacrifice the interests of the workers of America, for the sake of the interests of the bankers of America. Here's how:

It all starts with the price of land, residential and commercial property. In order for a general economic recovery to occur, those prices must fall. For job creation, quite simply, we need lower rents, which allows business formation, cost cutting, and economic expansion.

The big problem here is that if property values were allowed to fall, banks would be wiped out. Supporting property values props up banks, but keeps rents and costs high, preventing economic recovery.

But it is current economic policy to prevent banks from realizing their losses. Free market price discovery has been eliminated. Now, instead of mark-to-market, we have mark-to-fantasy, and instead of realizing losses on loans, we have extend-and-pretend. Debt is to be modified outward by rate reductions, deferral of reserves, deferral of amortization, or any method conceivable EXCEPT principal reduction.

This is a textbook example of how the parasitical banking class destroys the health of the larger economic body, as parasite bankers maintain their wealth while impoverishing the masses.

The solution is plain. Wipe out the debt, liquidate the banks, flush the parasites, and enable the real economy to get going again -- Jubilee! It is only a matter of political awareness and will.

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Anonymous said...

Your solution is "Step-2". I have many far more broad ideas as do others on how to fix the root problem (Money Masters documentary creators, etc.).

But these solutions or ideas are almost meaningless until "Step-1" is achieved which ironically requires a "Step-0" or pre-solution period too.

"Step-0" is a mass consciousness raising done on a viral level that could be started on the internet, but must be taken door to door with DVDs, CDs and even VHS tapes educating on the key non-political facts & controls undermining any such solution. This requires avoiding the socialistic comment that sadly poisons both sides of the political spectrum. Learning how the monetary system works, what and who the Federal Reserve is, the true distribution or wealth and power as well as what Toxic Assets aka Derivatives/Casino that strangles even regular businesses is "Step-0".

"Step-1" is then an organizing of the at least over the minimum amount or distribution of those to focus on how they will FORCE the change. I've figured at least 2-3 ways to do this too. 20% of the population would be tons, and it would only have to start with about 10%. Less than 0.1% is in control, so only the drones present a real threat. They would have to give up their pet social projects until control is seized and the truth known(except for the really open minded ones).

They have distorted history so people believe in this fake view of single individuals creating change. Mass movements w/o violence that affect the wheels or society and/or scare the elites cause change. That's how Chavez (like or hate him) got back in power after a coup.

The problem is...most of you are not ready yet. Either you believe we cannot win or do not want to even consider just how controlled our world really is and yet how simple some of the controls really are to disrupt.

Based on conditioning and numbers...if this does not happen while GenX is still young will be too late as the conditioning on all subsequent generations is extreme and sadly working.

That means we have roughly 5-15 years to seniors do not lead revolutions(but we need them too)...after that it will be too late. You cannot wait for the fallacy of your children saving society that fairy-tale has lulled you into inaction too long.

Either YOU save society for your children and all future generations or you consign them all to being true slaves like the Gammas in Brave New World(which you likely lied about reading just like 1984).