Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Note to Government: Balance Your Budget

It is starting to hit people at every level of government with full force. After the "end of the world" budget cuts of last year, even more will need to be cut this year. California, for example, has to cut godawful amounts from their budget, and they are being cut off from any more credit.

The only solution left is budget cuts. Here is a simple idea: slash the budget across the board, starting with salaries, which make up the supermajority of all government budget items. For example, in education, salaries make up over 90% of the budget. Keep that in mind the next time you see some pathetic teacher protest over school budget cuts. It's never about saving the children, it's always about saving their salaries. What a joke. If government workers were willing to take a pay cut, there would be no need to cancel any programs.

Individual responsibility is going to return in a storm, as all the slackers, losers, welfare dregs and their social engineering leftist government-employed handlers are suddenly cut off from the public feedbag. Watching this unfold is a libertarian's wet dream.

Unfortunately for all of you reading this blog, our federal government is going to do its best to borrow and print money to pay the gap in all these deficits (not even to mention to yawning fiscal chasm known as the federal deficit).

What that means is, the savings and purchasing power of the working middle and upper classes are going to be siphoned away through inflation, to bail out those government programs.

Gear up for the fight now.

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