Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ryan Healy calls for Debt Jubilee

Ryan Healy, of Debt Reduction Formula, is calling for a modern Jubilee!

But right now, we don’t need a bloated stimulus package — we need a Jubilee. If our government were to declare a Jubilee, we could all start over. Of course, some would inevitably fall into debt again, but many would be more financially responsible.

A Jubilee Year is different because it’s a year in which all debts are canceled. It makes no difference how much a man owes. Every last penny of debt is forgiven, and he starts afresh during the new Jubilee cycle.

This is the mercy factor that is built into God’s law. Unfortunately, God’s law has been shoved aside by even “religious” people, and the biblical concept of debt forgiveness has been all but forgotten.

Ultimately, I think a Jubilee would be a blessing for all people.


Debt Reduction Formula said...

Thanks for mentioning my post, Justin. I appreciate it. All we can do is continue to pray and ask God for mercy and provision during this economic collapse. The Jubilee will happen in God's timing.

Justin Halter said...

I believe that we are called to be the Body of Christ. God is all-powerful, but we are called to be his agents on earth.