Monday, November 17, 2008

The Jubilee Declaration

In the Bible, it is called the Year of Jubilee, the year when all debts are forgiven and all slaves set free

Unfortunately, that is what we have become: slaves, slaves to debt. However, the time has come for our people to be set free. We have been born with the yoke of debt slavery on our necks, but no man can be sold into slavery by another. Though we have been sold into slavery, to remain in slavery requires our consent.

With this Jubilee Declaration, we declare our freedom! We will no longer cooperate with the system that enslaves us. It is our moral right to be free of the debts that have been foisted upon us, without our consent.

We have been forced to support a system of perpetual debt servitude, but we will be forced no longer. The Year of Jubilee is upon us! Join the Freedom Parade, and join the exodus to liberation.

The first step is to spread the good news, to herald the inauguration of the Jubilee Year. As our voices grow stronger, and our Freedom Parade grows longer, our slave masters will strike back.

Those wicked men will not give up their debt slaves without a fight. Expect every lie and dirty trick to be used against us, as they struggle to maintain their evil system of exploitation.

But all that is right and good is on our side, and freedom is our birthright. In the spirit of peace and truth, we will prevail.

Spread the Jubilee Declaration, join the Freedom Parade. Wait no longer, the yoke of debt slavery grows heavier every day. Our time is now, and we cannot delay.

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